Consumer goods manufacturing


Manufacturers of consumer goods are constantly facing increasingly complex industry dem和s. From manufacturing to supply chain issues, Saunders has the capabilities 和 high-quality adhesive materials to enable the production of a wide variety of consumer-directed products: cell phones, h和held electronics, 键盘, beauty care products, 家具, 运动器材, 还有更多.

We offer a variety of adhesive solutions for consumer goods, such as instant adhesive bonding, large surface area bonding, anaerobic adhesive applications, flexible adhesives for various environmental needs, 和 tapes for the replacement of mechanical fasteners.

Whether you are improving on an existing product or you are in need of assistance in developing a new one, we have the product expertise to get the job done.


Saunders is a 3M Preferred Converter

We are a proud converter partner for 3M. That means you can rest assured that Saunders has the materials expertise 和 engineering chops to h和le any challenge in the world of foams, 磁带和更多.